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Let's get your workplace electronically compliant.

We help workplace managers in Brisbane & surrounding Queensland meet and exceed their electrical workplace health & safety obligations.

How We Help
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We'll test & tag your electricals - so you don't have to.

When you have a duty to protect your workplace, get professional testing & tagging done for your electrical equipment.

We help tradies, schools & businesses manage their legal electrical test & tag duties under QLD health & safety regulations.

Electrical testing & Inspection


We'll make a proper visual inspection to make sure there are no obvious defects in your electrical equipment


Deep Test

Your electronic equipment will go through a deep testing process to certify that it is safe to use.



We'll put a physical tag on your equipment, to show that it's safe to use. If it's hazardous to use, we'll clearly mark it, and let you know right away.


Record & Report

We'll document the test results for your electrical inventory and give you a copy of your test results. The test data is also securely stored on our servers - for your peace of mind.

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